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B.I.G. Testimonials from Independent College Counselors

"Paula, met with a student yesterday who had sent me a lousy first draft! A boring narrative of her volunteer experience! Enter BIG Essay Cards! Came out of meeting with insights about her grandmother's influence and appropriate vingette!!! Huge timesaver!! Thanks for this valuable tool!!! Score for BIG!" - M.H., College Counselor in Georgia

"I have been utilizing the BIG cards to promote thoughtful discussions with my students since they were first created. While I have a hard and fast rule against taking on clients during senior year, I broke that rule last fall for a brilliant student. She was completely blocked and could not get a single sentence down on paper for any of the myriad essays that were required by the group of universities on her college list. During our second meeting, I pulled out the B.I.G. cards and she started sorting through the stack. She began talking, laughing, weeping and talking some more. I took notes. The essays that evolved from that one conversation were effervescent, lively and interesting." - L.G., M.Ed in International Counseling, Athens, Greece

"Yesterday, I met with my student and we started to talk about what his essay should and should not look like and what the prompts are. He said he already knew what he wanted to write about. I took a deep breath because in my experience when students already have an essay in mind it isn't usually a very good one. This one didn't disappoint.
Instead of explaining to him the three hundred reasons why that would not be a good essay, I got out my BIG Idea essay cards. We went through the first fifteen and came up with all kinds of possible essays that were much more palatable. We talked about his love of fencing and how it has helped him learn to be both an individual competitor but also part of a team. He described his first visit to China and how his impression of that country and culture has changed over subsequent visits with his parents. I learned that he has a watch winder (I didn't know such things existed!) and several treasured watches that were gifts from his father. No tiny chirping birds appeared circling his head like in Disney movies, but thanks to the BIG Idea cards I was able to help him come up with some essays.
So THANK YOU so much for these brilliant cards. You're a genius and I'm so glad to be able to help my students (and save a corner of my own sanity) thanks to your great idea." - A.M., College Counselor in NC

"I've used the BIG cards several times this summer when brainstorming essay topics with my students, and they've never failed me! Thanks so much!" - D.C., tutor in MA

B.I.G. Testimonials from Students

"The BIG Essay cards turned a daunting task into a fun and productive process that resulted in a genuine piece that I am very proud of!" - J.R., High School Senior

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