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Introducing The Academic Match

What The Academic Match Does

  • Conducting initial college search based on key criteria
  • Optimizing short answers, essays and personal statements
  • Completing applications before deadlines
  • Choosing the right major or career path
  • Preparing for admissions interviews
  • Applying for financial aid, scholarships and grants
  • Evaluating admission/aid award offers
  • Handling final steps from admission decisions to matriculation

Whom The Academic Match Helps

  • High school students
  • College/transfer students
  • Graduate school applicants

How The Academic Match Works

  • Consulting with students and their families to explore goals for college
  • Reviewing extracurricular activities, volunteer or paid work, talents and passions to showcase what makes each student unique
  • Developing a timeline of activities during high school, and for college campus visits, admissions interviewing and submitting college applications
  • Navigating the admissions process from start to finish

What The Academic Match Leverages (hint: it's BIG!)

  • BIG (Bold, Insightful, & Genuine) Essay Ideas: A deck of cards with questions or prompts that will help students to uncover Bold, Insightful and Genuine Ideas ("BIG Ideas") as they consider potential topics for their application essays.
  • The student's top-of-mind responses to these cards will lead to the inspiration for thoughtful personal statements and essays for college, graduate school, internships and scholarships. These 50 BIG Essay Ideas have the power to transform a student from not knowing what to write about to generating unique material for the content and context of a truly original essay.
  • While not every card will be appropriate for every student, the collection of these BIG Essay Ideas will help a student to brainstorm and develop an essay that is BIG -- Bold, Insightful, and Genuine.


The Academic Match offers a 30-minute phone consultation at no charge. Contact The Academic Match Founder Paula Friedman or Jodi Sears to schedule an initial meeting.

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